Organic Larder Geelong stocks organic full cream and low fat milk, grass-fed organic butter, yoghurt, cheeses and quark of superb quality and flavour, with many sourced locally.

Barambah Organics, True Organic Australian Butter (formerly Organic Dairy Farmers) and Meredith Dairy are just a few of the brands available.

We stock a range of fermented sauerkraut and vegetables, tofu, kefir water and yoghurt to improve your gut bacteria and overall health. Some of the brands favourites available include Kehoe’s Kitchen and The Fermentary.

We stock:

  • Coyo Coconut Yoghurt  and Ice Cream
  • Kehoe’s Fermented Vegetables
  • Barambah Organic Dairy
  • Meredith Dairy – Marinated Goat Fetta
  • Organic Indulgence
  • Byron Bay Organic Broth
  • Meru Miso

Unhomogenised Milk Geelong
Kehoes Geelong
Byron Bay Organic Chicken Broth Geelong
Kehoes Sauerkraut Superkraut Meru Miso Byron Bay Organic Chicken Broth Geelong
True Organic Australian Butter Salted Unsalted Geelong