Organic Larder Geelong stocks a wide range of raw organic grains such as wheat, oats, spelt, pearl barley, linseed. All are available in small or bulk quantities.

Organic flours are also available; wholemeal and white spelt flour are particular favourites of many customers, as well as wheat flour in wholemeal and white & rye flour. Gluten free flours are available in plain and self raising.

We also stock a range of organic packaged goods such as organic biscuits and crackers, pasta, and soup mixes.

Some of the brands that we stock are as follows:


  • Powlett Hill
  • Eden Valley
  • Kialla
  • Four Leaf
  • Casalare

Packaged Goods

  • Loving Earth
  • Amy’s Soup
  • Gourmet Organic Herbs
  • Lotus
  • Global Organics
  • Real Good Food
  • Absolute Organics
  • Spiral Foods
  • Organic Times
  • Bragg
  • Kex

Powlett Hill Bio dynamic Rye Flour Geelong
Lentils Geelong
Loving Earth Coconut Flour Geelong
Loving Earth Cacao Powder Geelong
Gourmet Organic Herbs Geelong
Casalare Gluten Free Wheat Free Products Geelong
Gluten Free Wheat Free Products Geelong

Kex Gluten Free Crackers Geelong